Dear visitor, the amberPlatform website is being worked out to present you an archive of all its past events. We are sorry for the information that you cannot access right now. We are planning to finalize the upgrade by September 2023. Thank you for your understanding.

In October 2008, in the frame of amberFestival, a new collaborative network has been founded by a group of artists and cultural operators, coming from Caucasian, Turkic, Middle Eastern and European countries.

We stated in 2008 text for initiaition that “amberNetwork is a new network in the region connecting independent organizations and people working and producing in the conjunction of art and technology. This project emerged from the lack of collaboration and cooperation among individuals (independent artists, researchers, art technicians, cultural managers) as well as organizations in the region.”

The initiation meeting held on 16th November 2008 in İstanbul with the participant artists and cultural managers from Turkey, Iran, Palestine, Kyrgyz Republic, Armenia, Lebanon, France, Greece, and Belgium.

The founding members of amberNetwork are Abdo Nawar* (SHAMS, Beirut, Lebanon; RAMI Network), Amirali Ghasemi, Erfan Abdi, Shervin Afshar (Parking Gallery, Iran), Arpi Adamian*, Lucine Talaylan*, Angela Harutyunyan (Utopiana, Armenia), Claudine Dussollier* (ZINC-ECM, Marseille France), Ekmel Ertan*, Özlem Alkış*, Nafiz Akşehirlioğlu*, Deniz Erbaş*  (BIS, Turkey); Kostas Moschos* (IEMA, Greece); Lika Dadiani (TRAM Foundation, Georgia), Mesut Arslan* (0032, Belgium),Ricardo Mbarkho (Lebanon), Samar Martha* (Art School Palestine, Palestine), Shaarbek Amankul* (Б’Art Contemporary: Bishkek Art Center, Kyrgyz Republic)
* who attended the initiation meeting in 16th of November 2008

In the past 10 years, after several collaborations, events, meetings, and residencies amberNetwork gradually faded out due to the lost interest through several difficulties in member countries,  the lack of financial support as well as transformations in the digital technologies and conception of the arts and technology relations. In 2019 we are working on reactivating amberNetwork which is still a valid need.

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