Projects and Resources

Ongoing Projects:

Project Title : trans-making: Art / Culture / Economy to Democratize Society. Research in Placemaking for Alternative Narratives
Description : The project trans-making aims to establish a multilateral network of research and innovation staff active in the fields of placemaking/place-based art activities as a space to create alternative narratives for social, economic and democratic renewal. It will investigate and experiment with placemaking to contribute actively to the democratization/well-being of society, educating and empowering individuals and disadvantaged minorities through research and production in the connection between art and new technologies.
Implementation Period :  2017-2020.
Partners : Relais Culture Europe (Coordinator), Bunker, Citema, Cluster Cairo, Crvena, Génériques, Institute of Criminology, Ljubljana Faculty of Law, Istanbul Technical University, Racines,  El Taller TRES, University College of London - IGP, Izmir University of Economics, University of La Habana, University of Perugia, University of Valencia, Workshop of Culture, ZRC SAZU, BIS
BIS’s Role : Partner
Supported by : Horizon 2020 MSCA-RISE-2016 (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange)
Reference no : 734855
Supported amount : 1.858.500,00 Euro


Completed Projects:

Project Title : amber Art and Technology Platform
Description : Art and Technology Festival and Conference in İstanbul
Implementation Period : annually, in the second week of November between 2007-2015.
Partners : none
BIS’s Role : Founder and Producer
Supported by : İstanbul 2010 European Cultural Capital Agency in between 2008-2010
Reference no : 1006 (İstanbul 2010 ECCA)
Supported amount : 431.579 TL (184.000 Euros, by İstanbul 2010 ECCA for 3 years -2008,2009,2010- only )


Project Title : European Urban Media Network for Connecting Cities
Description : The aim of the project is to create a networked infrastructure of Urban
Media Facades to circulate artistic and social content throughout the whole of Europe. There exists already a multitude of Urban Screens1, Media Facades2 and Urban Media3 in the European public space, but the way they are used is problematic: On the one hand they are operated separately or only locally connected. On the other hand, they are used for almost purely commercial purposes. We want to open these Urban Media Facades as networked communication platforms to present cultural and social content and to create an intercultural exchange between the local scenes and communities.
Implementation Period : 2012-2016
Partners : Public Art Lab e.V. (DE, Project leader), Ars Electronica GmbH (AT), IMAL (BE), FACT (UK), m-cult (FI), Medialab Prado (SP), Media Architecture Institute (AT), Riga 2014 (LV), Videospread (FR), BIS (TR), The Museum of Contemporary art Zagrep (HR)
BIS’s Role : Project partner
Supported by : EU Culture Program 2007-2013
Reference no : 522689-CU-1-2012-1-DE-CULTURE-VOL11
Supported amount : 3.082.070 Euros


Project Title : Hybri-C: City is a Hybrid Interface
Description : A research and art project that focuses on the concept of city, which is transformed by new communication technologies and globalization. The project mainly aims at opening city data and creating an Open Data Portal.
Implementation Period : 2011-2012
Partners : CIANT (Chez Republic), FEARLESS (France), URIAC (Greece), BIS (Turkey)
BIS’s Role : Project Leader
Supported by : EU Culture Program 2007-2013
Reference no : 513761-CU-1-2011-1-TR-CULTURE-VOL121
Supported amount : 400.000 Euros


Project Title : TRIBE
Description : Transitory residency initiative of Balkan and East Europe (TRIBE) is an initiative of four organisations from East Europe and the Balkans with associated partners. The project is structured on four levels corresponding to its four main missions: (1) to foster a lasting and deep connection between cultural organisations in East Europe and the Balkans (2) to establish new AIR programs in the region and to improve existing ones (3) to conduct research on transitory art and produce new transitory
artworks (4) to promote and open a dialogue between new media and contemporary art organisations on a public inclusive level.
Implementation Period : 2012-2014
Partners : MoTA (Slovenia, Project leader), ARTOS (Cyprus), CIANT (Chez Republic), BIS (Turkey)
BIS’s Role : Project partner
Supported by : EU Culture Program 2007-2013
Reference no : 2012 – 1325 / 001 – 001 CU7 COOP7
Supported amount : 390.790 Euros


Project Title : New Media Arts from Turkey - TRNL-2012 (2012)
Description : An exhibition, workshops and seminars in Den Haag in The Netherlands to represent the current state of new media arts in Turkey and to develop the collaborations among the artists working in the new media field.
Implementation Period : 2012
Partners : BIS (TR), TodaysArt Festival (NL)
BIS’s Role : Project owner
Supported by : Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey; in the frame of 400-year celebration of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands.
Reference no : -
Supported amount : 80.720 Euros


Project Title : CHANCE
Description : To provide knowledge and tools to the artists and cultural operators in order to have them utilized the new communication technologies Implementation Period : 2010-2011
Partners : CIANT (Chez Republic), M2F (France), NuMedia (Germany), BIS (Turkey)
BIS’s Role : Partner
Supported by : EU Culture Program 2007-2013
Reference no : 2010-0785/001-001 CU7-COOP7
Supported amount : 30.000 Euros (Total budget: 400.000 Euros )


Project Title : Global Gateway
Description : To organize seminars, workshops, exhibitions to promote the new media and the usage of new technologies in art in Turkey.
Implementation Period : 2010-2011
Partners : CIANT (Chez Republic), BIS (Turkey), PERSONA (Romania), URIAC
(Greece), ARTOS (Cyprus)
BIS’s Role : Partner
Supported by : Civil Society Dialog – İstanbul 2010 EEC Grant Program
Reference no : TR 0803.03/100
Supported amount : 21.838,70 Euros (Total budget: 175.000 Euros )


Project Title : IMMEDIATE
Description : A multidisciplinary, international research and creation project on the usage of new technologies in the field of contemporary dance.
Implementation Period : 2007-2009
Partners : CIANT (Chez Republic), M2F (France), LMR (Germany), BIS (Turkey)
BIS’s Role : Partner
Supported by : EU Culture Program 2007-2013
Reference no : 2007-1110/001-001 CTU
Supported amount : 36.000 Euros (Total project budget: 368.000 Euros )