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Interactivity is celebrated and enjoyed for the comfort and convenience it brings into our lives, and the aesthetic and practical possibilities it opens up for all creative activity. Efficiency, speed, fluidity, a frictionless flow of things, precision of form and an infinite multiplication of virtual possessions in the digital universe come to mind. Interactive technologies rearticulate our relations to ourselves and to others.

In today's digitalizing world, we access closed and invisible systems that operate on a global scale via our network-connected personal computers. We take on an ever-increasing role in this network of relations that is itself based on interactive technology. Our bodily disposition and movement, consciously or unconsciously partakes in digital interactivity. We interact with machines and others as we interact with others through machines. The information produced as a result of this interaction takes on an independent life as data but continues to somehow represent our real self. On the other hand, the information as an independant existence, do not belong anymore to ourselves and become an active subject, which determines the limitations of our connection to the external world on our behalf.

In this brave new World, in the now and here determined by digital technologies, are we really and completely active subjects? Or do we also need to talk about an interpassive personality?

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