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Osman Şişman, Özgün Dilek //////14-15 NOV
10:00 - 13:00, 14:30 - 17:30

Today production and consumption, work and leisure merge into each other, and thus each and every individual partake a tremendous collective production: All of us not only participate in the turning of the wheel as we reply work emails in the middle of the night on our smartphones, which may well be considered as the extension of assembly line, but also unconsciously update maps, produce demographic and biometric data, enliven advertisement and finance economies, and employ ourselves as 3D printing operators and photography artists.

The collectivity aspect is no trouble: It is great, we should always produce collectively. However, the question is how the political economy of such production works. The workshop we propose is an introduction to understand political ecnomy of creativity. Mapping techniques which have recently been super-popular will be critically employed to look into the quotidian practices of creative labour, and to disclose the ever-present network of exploitation thereof.

While producing audiovisual material in this mapping process, we will use the very means of the very same network: Laptops, smartphones, wireless internet, Arduino, etc. The participants may feel free to choose their own technique. However, we may well need colour pencils, sheets of paper, scissors and strings.

We have to limit the number of participants to 10 persons. You can send a short paragraph of intent which includes information on what do you do for your work and your interests till 11.11.2015 to the following address  :

Place: İstanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul Campus, Energy Museum



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