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Why Collective Curation?

This year, amberPlatform offers a new collective festival model instead of a curated one. amber’15 invites academics, curators, makers and creative individuals (and institutions?) to be part of a sustainable, inclusive, open and common grounds collaboration.

The applicants can vote for the works during the jury roundtable on July 25 and be part of the selection committee of the festival.

As we embark on this new structure, we envision a new and integral ecology of which technology is an essential part, that aims at democratization of the relations of production and consumption; and promotes movements we have been supporting since the very beginning such as open source, free apps, DIY or do it together, ecological activism, sustainable living, urban farming, community (guerrilla) gardening and slow city. We propose a festival in these lines. See the Pre Events post to learn more

Here listed the works that collectively selected by all applicants of the open call.

Artists and Works:

Ömer Berk Yüksel, Mustafa Geyik, Egemen Gök  - Humanoid Label
Osman Koç - Digital-Analog Work Converter
Hamraz LOTFI, Harun M. TÖLE - One window for seeing / One window for hearing (also being exhibited at Pasaj)
Zeynep Nal Sezer - The Grumpy Scrievener
Hakan Gündüz - Human Colony

Venue: İstanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul Campus, Energy Museum


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