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“…our cities are gauged to match our mentalities,our will to die leads to enthusiasm to live andwe cannot tell which one inspires us,we keep rushing to run ever repeating errands and bragging about how we have risen to the peak,we are slaves of excessiveness and constantly keep constructing buildings without thinking it through.

The world soon will be a construction site only.

Here, billions of blinded, just like white ants will toil and moil in the midst of humming roar and stenching smell like automats until they are left without a breath…”
Albert Caraco / “Handbook of Chaos”

Based on the Ant Colony Algorithm, this application has virtual people in it who have the tendency to find the shortest path between the designated points and they form a loop between these points which represents the limited daily operation of modern lifestyles that is ever repeating on day to day basis. The viewer disrupts this loop with interactive movements. But in a short period of time, the loop tends to reform itself with different orientations.

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