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13 Haz 2012

Her sene İstanbul'da gerçekleştirilen Vjfest dünyanın çeşitli noktalarından yeni medya sanatçılarını ağırlamaya başladı.


13 Haziran Tuesday@Galata Kulesi-21.00-02.00

MAPPING: Woei, LWZ, Lynx de Luxe & Herr Schoder, Guana-bana

VJ-ING: .mrt, mythones, Vjunk & VJ Dogon,

LIVE MUSIC: Surya Project, Violin Alishya, 22.00 Vocal & Guitar Enzo
Ikah, E. Cumhur Atar, Percussion Emre Kocabas & Street Musicians

14 JUNE Thursday@TARLABASI, Sakızagacı Sok. - 21.00-24.00
MAPPING: Mayer+Empl, VJ-m

MUSIC: Ssbunderground, Surya Project, Emre Kocabaş

15 JUNE Friday@ISTIKLAL, Sahkulu Bostanı Sok.-21.00-24.00
INTERACTIVE VIDEO: VJ Dogon, LWZ & Woei, Girasomnis, .mrt


VJ-ING: Baran Gülesen, Kaya Hacaloğlu, Festival VJs Jamming

16 JUNE Saturday@PEYOTE-22.00-04.00
MAPPING: Vidbeat, Mr. Zula, VJ Granda, Guana-bana, Dilala

AV: Emiko


22.00 Agotha

22.30 Emiko AV


24.00 Girasomnis

01.00 Pilou

01.30 "Lynx de Luxe plays with Herr Schoder von Schallbild"

02.30 Sinsynplus

03.15 Vj-m


22.00 Evrenstein

22.30 Emiko AV

23.00 Meric Bros.

24.00 Duniq

01.30 Bessumi

03.00 Nadr


KOZAVISUAL, İstiklal Cad. NO:116 Hazzo Pulo Pasajı, turn left, second
apartment near bookstore, second floor.

12,13,15,16 June from 12.00-18.00. Workshop topics are real-time
visual making, projection mapping and interactive programming. Talks
are about street art&graffiti and vj festival Nuremberg. Short film
screening on 14th June is from eye film inst. (Holland). All are free
and open to everyone interested. You can bring your laptop and join
the applications. (Please download and install the software before you
come). Place is Koza Visual Association at Hazzo Pulo Pasaj, İstiklal
cad. NO:116

12 JUNE Tuesday

We will continue the arduino workshops during the other workshops.

12.00 Mayer+Empl, Architectural Mapping Presentation

12.40 Break

13.00 VJ Dogon,  Interaction with Arduino & Tagtool


13.30 Break

14.00 Martin Mayer, Visuals with Quartz Composer

15.00 Baran Gülesen, Intro to Puredata

15.30 Break

15.45 Quirin Empl, Mapping with Puredata

16.30 Break

17.00 Mayer+Empl, Violin Visualisation

13 JUNE Wednesday

12.00 LWZ, Interactive Visuals & Kinect
13.00 Break
13.30 VJ Gromnosis
14.00 Break
14.15 VJ Guana-bana
14.45 Break
15.00 VJ .mrt, Using No Footage
15.30 Break
16.00 Woei,  Audio Synch Visualisation with vvvv
;16.30 Break
16.45 LWZ, Kinect Puppet Making

14 JUNE Thursday

SHORT FILM SCREEN: eye film institute Holland, Celluloid Remix 2009 at

15 JUNE Friday

12.00 Glitchy video with VDMX, Resolume, Modul8
12.40 Break
13.00 VJ Emiko, AV Performance Making
13.30 VJ-m, Interactive Graffiti
14.00 Break
14.30 VJ Dogon, Arduino II
15.30 Break
15.45 Martin Mayer, Quartz Composer II
16.15 Vj-m, Interactivity with Max/Msp/Jitter
17.00 Break
17.15 How to use Video Mixer Edirol V4

16  JUNE Saturday

13.00 VJ Festival Nuremberg-Germany
13.30 Break
13.45 Graffiti Art: Johan Manchot & Maarten Berkers
14.20 Break
14.45 Emre Pertev Tastaban, Street Art Festival İstanbul
15.10 Break
15.30 VJ Granda, Video Mapping
16.00 Projects for Peyote: interactive installation & mapping structure

Softwares Download

Please download and install them before you come if you would like to
do sth. See the details below.

1. Realtime Graphics with Quartz Composer, Martin Mayer

For Mac osx 10.6 and apple developer tools required.

2. Video Mapping with Puredata, Quirin Empl
For all platforms.

3. Video Mapping with Resolume, (IMapper plugin), VJ Granda
For Mac& PC. Get the trial Resolume AV from
Trial Imapper plugin:

3.  Audiovisuals with vvvv, Woeishi Lean
For only Windows.

4. Arduino, VJ Dogon
If you dont have an arduino card, we will have three with some sensors.
Tagtool is fro live drawing and animate it with a joystick. You can
bring a drawing pad and joystick for tagtool. Download the tagtool

5. Graffiti Mapping&Programming with Max/Msp/Jitter, Vj-m
For Mac&PC. Get the trial:

6. Kinect, VJ Gromnosis & LWZ
It is an open workshop. Come and get involved.--
+90 535 4918006

+90 535 4918006

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