Dear visitor, the amberPlatform website is being worked out to present you an archive of all its past events. We are sorry for the information that you cannot access right now. We are planning to finalize the upgrade by September 2023. Thank you for your understanding.

AmberPlatform invites contemporary artists to meet with makers for a ‘Maker-Artist gathering’ on July 1 in StudioX. The meeting aims at introducing artists and makers for future collaborations. Following amberPlatform’s presentation, makers will talk about their production process, contemporary artists will elaborate on their approach and new media artists will tell us about what it is to work at the crossroads of art and technology.

In line with the launch and call for participation of amberFest15 on June 2, amberPlatform paves the way for new collaborations between makers and artists. The platform, at the request of makers, offers new grounds for artists who would like to incorporate technology to their work. Makers and artists work together to learn from one another!


1st of JULY 2015 Wednesday 19:00 StudioX

download poster: amberPoster [pdf]

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