8Bit: a project on circuit bending with Tahribat-ı İsyan

project site: 8bit.amberplatform.org

8 Bit Music project is designed to enrich elements of tragic hero chiefessays.net the means of musical expressions of a hip hop group from Sulukule, a Roma neighborhood of Istanbul. We will organize four workshops during the first two months of the project. These workshops will be about converting old and broken electronic toys to musical instruments and using them during the band’s performances. Today 8 Bit Music is a widespread form among young musicians and sound artists. Circuit bending and toy hacking has been a common practice especially since the 1980s to produce 8 bit music, also known as chip music. Workshops will focus on these practices to allow participants to create their custom and unique instruments. The participants of the workshop will be the main band members as well as junior trainees; in total, there will be 5 participants. The main project action will consist of workshops and a concert presentation. The workshops will take place in September and in October and the concert presentation in November. October will be the preparation period for the concert with the support and guidance of the workshop teachers. This project aims at introducing do-it-yourself, making-things, circuit bending, hacking, repairing and recycling practices to  the musical as well as the daily life of a disadvantaged young music group and their circle.