Applicants got together to evaluate the proposed projects for amber’15:

The maker-artist gatherings that took place in the last two months within the amberPlatform’s amber’15: Laboro Ergo Sum open call created a framework that promotes collaboration between different disciplines while enabling a democratic grounds to discuss specific modes of production caused by these very differences. The open-minded nature of the meetings resulted in receiving many proposals including projects, articles and theoretical work in response to the call for participation for this year’s amberFestival theme of Laboro Ergo Sum (I work, Therefore I am). The deadline for CFP was July 31.

How the evaluation process was like?

The members of the amberPlatform pre-selected the projects proposed by the July 31, 2015 deadline of open call for amber’15 by artists, makers, art critics and theorists in line with the maker-artist gatherings. On 17 August, the Collective Jury members were announced via e-mail to individual participants.

Collective Jury (consisting of project applicants) got together on 22 August 2015 at StudioX, to evaluate the projects created by project owners. Every project’ conceptual frame, the relation with the theme and the method was discussed in the meeting. It was a very productive meeting, we discussed many topics and learned a lot from each other. No final selection made but we decided to stay in touch through online means and make a second meeting to make final selection depending of the financial and physical conditions.

Keep thinking and creating together! And let’s keep meeting!

The ‘get-together’s initiated with amber’15 Art and Technology Festival in mind serve as a basis for future meetings of arts, technology and society that amberPlatform currently works on. We are very pleased to announce that we plan to keep holding these meetings as of September. Follow us on our facebook page ( ) for info on our meet-ups and activities.

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