28 Apr 2014

SinemaDansAnkara is dance film festival taking place for the first time in Ankara and is a collaboration between ARES Production, Ankara Goethe Institute and The Netherlands Embassy in Ankara. It is created with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture General Directorate of Cinema, Bilkent University, and the international coordination of Mind Your Moves.

Cinedans, one of Europe’s most prestigious dance film festival based in The Netherlands, provides support for the festival’s content.

The festival aims to introduce and promote dance film, by now an internationally acclaimed film genre, and to present distinguished and latest dance films to the audience in Ankara. By creating a platform, the festival also aims to support the production of dance films in Turkey. Fostering intercultural and artistic collaborations between Turkey, Germany, and The Netherlands, the festival also aims to enhance interdisciplinary and intercultural interactions.


Location: Goethe Institute Ankara

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