amberPlatform residency artists Hannah and Mika at BUBİ for TRIBE project presentation

26 Mar 2014

Exquisite Electronics Talk at Bubi
Thursday March 27th, 19:00 at Bubi in Kadiköy, Istanbul (an amberPlatform talk)

Mika and Hannah have been collaborating together since 2006 under the name KOBAKANT. In their work they merge electronics and textiles in order to explore topics ranging from wearable technology to future craftsmanship. In this talk they will introduce a range of their works, including their most recent project which brings them to Istanbul to learn igne oyasi.

KOBAKANT’s early works include a wearable game interface, motion capture costumes for performance and an open library of textile sensor designs. More recent works include the WishLab Factory for Handmade Technologies and The Crying Dress.

If you’re interested in finding out more about electronic textiles and a possible future of igne oyasi, please come to our talk!

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