22 Jul 2013

Tomasz Jaskiewicz will share hivekit systems and their work at Salt Galata

As part of the Summer School events there will be a workshop followed by a lecture of Tomasz Jaskiewicz on Tuesday 23rd July 2013 at Workshop Space first floor Salt Galata.

5 – 6 pm:     workshop and review
6.30 – 8pm: lecture

Visit to Delft for a tutoring session
Nilüfer Kozikoğlu, Burcu Biçer, Koray Bingöl and Menelaos Kokkinos visit to Delft started at ONL on 25 of June. The group discussed the brief of the Summer School with Mr. Kas Oosterhuis. Then a short meeting with Nimish Biloria followed by his students at Hyperbody TUDelft presenting the 1-1 prototypes. Next day the group held a tutorial session and demo of the Hivekit systems.

IGSS started on 15th of July with a site visit at ITU Ayazağa Campus
In the first day of the summer school participants toured the site and had an introduction to the Arduino sensorboxes installed at 5 different nodes at the campus. Summer school is continuing with several local and online seminars from Barcelona, exchange of project sessions with Tehran, and NewYork.

Tutorial sessions took place between 12-14th of July at Taşkışla
In the three day intense tutorial sessions students were exposed to Processing, Rhinocers 5.0, Grasshopper 9.0 software and  tools and techniques for multiple 3d modelling and printing.

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