Commons Tense @SAHA

15 Sep 2012

amberPlatform organized, in collaboration with TodaysArt Festival, an exhibition entitled “Commons Tense” in The Hague between September 15–30, 2012. The exhibition’s conceptual framework was formulated as a sub-theme of amberPlatform’s 2012 theme “Paratactic Commons”. “Commons Tense” brought together works of new media artists from Turkey, all responding to the theme from broad perspectives and interpreting it through their respective technical and artistic approaches. The project was curated by Fatih Aydoğdu and Ekmel Ertan. Through the two workshops and artist presentations organized as co-events, “Commons Tense” aimed to target a larger and diverse audience through a participatory approach. SAHA supported the production of the new works by the artists who were invited to participate in “Commons Tense: New Media Art from Turkey”.…

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