Vinyl print on wall, in collaboration with FACT, Liverpool part of Time & Motion exhibit For almost five years Ellie Harrison documented and recorded information about nearly every aspect of her daily routine as part of her artistic practice. These Read more ›


>>> event site Teknolojik Kültür ve Sanat Konuşmaları Küratörler: Fatih Aydoğdu | Ekmel Ertan Borusan Contemporary Sanat/Teknoloji Konuşmaları 2018–2019 sezonunda Borusan Contemporary ve amberPlatform işbirliğiyle “Tez | Antitez | Protez – Değişen Paradigmalar” başlığı altında düzenleniyor. 2007’den beri bağımsız olarak Read more ›

Public in the Making

Public in the Making is a conference-gathering that will take place in Istanbul from 18-20 October, 2018. This event is part of the “trans-making” (https://trans-making.eu/) project, which is supported from 14 countries. by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program and constituted by Read more ›


Artist 2016 – Tüyap Artists: Bager Akbay, Burak Arıkan, Günışığı Cihangir, Ali Miharbi, Zeynep Nal Curators: Ekmel Ertan, Fatih Aydoğdu GRAMMAGRAPH Writing has a long history encompassing 3500-4000 years, but contrary to belief, it did not emerge to allow the consideration Read more ›