amber’14: “Decentralization” This year, amber’14 Art and Technology Festival is organised in a fairly unusual way. What you’ll be witnessing will be a “no call”, “no budget”, “no center” festival which will feature autonomous projects minimising the need for central organisation. Read more ›

amber’13: “Did You Plug In?” Smart phones, smart tickets, smart cities, smart buildings, smart living, smart economies, smart moves… Smart abounds in the market-speak of today’s technologically sophisticated conditions. The ever-growing inflation of smartness, fostered in large part by the pervasiveness of digital technologies, Read more ›

amber’11: “Next Ecology”

catalog: amber’11 / website: New technologies are far more important then ever before not only as a tool but primarily as a framework. By means of new technologies and with increasing acceleration we have changed the world in which Read more ›

amber’10: “Datacity”

catalog: amber’10 / website: For the first time in history the World’s urban population has outnumbered its rural counterpart. Cities have become the predominant habitat of humanity. The requirements of rapidly growing cities, coupled with the contemporary technological possibilities bring about Read more ›

amber’09: “Uncyborgable?”

catalog: amber’09 / website: Living in a technologically-mediated environment causes changes and shifts in human habits, postures and behaviors. Technologies have an impact on our perceptions; each new technology demands new practices of body and speech as well as Read more ›

amber’08: “Interpassive Persona”

katalog: amber’08 / website: Interactivity is celebrated and enjoyed for the comfort and convenience it brings into our lives, and the aesthetic and practical possibilities it opens up for all creative activity. Efficiency, speed, fluidity, a frictionless flow of Read more ›

amber’07: “Voice and Survival”

catalog: amber’07 / website: Digital technologies that store process and send all types of data efficiently and quickly are becoming crucial elements of our lives. We are happy and comfortable thanks to the tools that employ such technologies and the Read more ›